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Welcome to Sandler Partners!
At Sandler Partners, you're always our MVP. We've become one of the country's largest master agencies -- and the fastest growing (six times and counting in the Inc. 5000 list of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies) -- through a deep organizational commitment to protect, serve and educate our agent partners. You're the star player. We're your offensive line.  

More than 3,200 of the country's leading communications consultants, IT experts, cloud consultants, MSPs, interconnects and phone vendors rely on Sandler Partners for carrier agreements, training, market knowledge, and on-demand sales engineering and closing support. You should, too. Call us today at 310.796.1393 to find out why.

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why you should work with Sandler Partners...

Why Sandler Partners?

Solutions for VARs, MSPs and IT Consultants

Build a lucrative, diversified recurring revenue stream. Adding voice and data to your arsenal immediately diversifies your revenues, driving significant new income to your bottom line.
Protect your customers from poachers. Your customers need voice and data. If you don't help them with this, your competitors will. We make it easy and painless for you to become a full-service player and lock down your customers.
No startup costs. When you partner with Sandler Partners, revenues always flow in one direction - yours. Plus, you always keep ownership of your customers.
Create room in your client budgets for your core services. We empower you to lower customer voice and data bills, making room for your other services.
Stay ahead of the adoption curve.  Cloud services are here to stay. Want to know the secret behind the ability of so many market leading companies to remain market leaders over the long-haul? When new technologies emerge to replace their core products and services, they acquire the substitutes and make them their own!  In addition to the voice and data options at your disposal, we deliver industry-leading cloud services to your arsenal.  At Sandler Partners, we make sure you've always got a seat at the table -- whether your clients are sourcing on-site or off-site solutions.  
Access power closers when you need them. By working with Sandler Partners, you are always in the driver's seat. We give you the tools to sell voice and data services directly but you also can refer your customers to industry power closers who will take care of it all for you in exchange for a modest share of your commissions.
Leverage our 100+ supplier portfolio. Our deep, proprietary relationships with suppliers ensure that you can always meet the needs of your clients, no matter how complex.
Gain all the benefits telecom consultants achieve by working with Sandler Partners.  See the list to the right for telecom agents and consultants?  All those benefits apply to you, too...

Solutions for Telecom Agents and Consultants

Access the strongest provider agreements in the industry. From payouts to evergreen clauses, Sandler Partners has negotiated the strongest provider agreements in the industry.
Leverage our flexible support system on a deal-by-deal basis. We have an unrivaled support team available to you on-demand. You can manage the sales process yourself and earn the highest commissions in the industry or you can access various levels of service and support in exchange for slightly reduced commission rates.
Power closers. We've recruited presidents club and circle-of-excellence winners to be available to you in an on-demand basis so no deal is too large or complex for you to close. Some agents use these closers regularly, driving significant increases in their closing rates in exchange for modest commission splits with telecom sales superstars.
Comprehensive carrier commissions auditing. We've developed the most aggressive commissions auditing and recovery program in existence, bar none. To date, we've recovered more than $2,000,000 of our partners' money!
Deep, diversified portfolio. Our 100+ supplier portfolio delivers access not only to voice and data players large and small, nationally and regionally, but a market-leading arsenal of cloud service providers as well as merchant processing firms. With Sandler Partners, you can ride the next wave of IT services to grow your business, diversify your revenues and lock down customers for life.
The industry's deepest portal. Like our quotes, auditing and closing support teams, our portal is managed, updated and maintained by real people. The Sandler Portal has the deepest carrier library, quick-reference tools like SPIFFs and Promo and Training trackers, commissions rate sheets, SIP provider matrixes, your commissions reports, industry and carrier and Sandler Partners news, and much more. Just how effective a business tool is the Sandler Portal? Our own study found that agents that access the portal at least twice a month earn almost 50% more than those who rarely or never visit it.  Knowledge is power... closing power!


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